Attention Medicare Eligible Retirees - Changes in Coverage


As you are aware, IBM has chosen to utilize ExtendHealth to administer Medicare supplement plans.


If you are a Medicare eligible retiree, you should have recently received a planning packet from ExtendHealth. Those who did not receive a packet should contact ExtendHealth (either by phone 1-855-359-7380 or at to create a profile and schedule an enrollment appointment. This is just an initial action to set up your profile; you will not be making any choices at this time.


For those who did not attend the informational meeting, there is a toll-free recorded conference call at 1-855-882-7951. This call covers the same information as presented at the informational meetings on 9/23. ExtendHealth will be sending out additional information in early October, and enrollment kits are being sent from IBM in early November.


In past years, the IBM Alumni Club has enlisted the services of Prime Time Health Advisors to present seminars to help retirees make the best choices for Medicare supplement insurance and drug coverage. These seminars have been held in November. At this time, we do not know if there is anything to be presented this year but we are waiting for the additional information due out in October. At that time, Prime Time Health Advisors will let us know if there is anything for them to present, and we will send out a special mailing letting you know whether there will be health insurance seminars this year.