IBM Health Insurance Seminars 2014


NOTE: Due to the response to the Insurance Seminar Announcement, we needed to acquire a larger space. The Ramada Inn (where the seminars will be located) did not have any additional rooms as they are completely booked on Wednesday, October 15th. However, they do have space available on Tuesday, October 14th. So we are changing the date of the Health Insurance Seminars to October 14th.  


All registrations we have received to date will be carried over and registered for the new date (October 14th). LET US KNOW ONLY IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE NEW DATE (October 14th) (email preferred). Below is the announcement with the new date. Everything else remains the same.




Every year the choices for insurance coverage seem to get more complicated, especially for retirees. Many retirees are Medicare eligible; some recent retirees or alumni also have funds via the IBM Future Health Account. To assist members of the IBM Alumni Club, we have asked agents from Prime Time Health Advisors to explain and answer questions on the options we have for 2015. We are planning two sessions this Fall:  one focused on Medicare eligible retirees and a newly created second for pre-Medicare retirees/alumni or those with a “mixed” situation (one spouse on Medicare, the other pre-Medicare).

We have reserved a theatre style seating room at Ramada Inn, 1517 16 St SW, Rochester for Tuesday October 14th for Medicare eligible retirees (insurance now handled by One Exchange). Four sessions are scheduled Oct 14: 10:30AM, 2:00PM, 4:30PM and 7:00PM. We are anticipating a similar response for this year as in 2013, so if you are interested in attending send an e-mail to; If you do not have email you can call the office at 507-424-4193. Please contact us no later than Oct 8 with the following:


Attendee(s) names and phone numbers plus specify a priority of sessions to attend. For example:

Tom and Helen Smith


1st choice—2pm session

2nd choice— 4:30pm session

3rd choice—7pm session


We will assign you to a session based on first come first served and if you have emailed us we’ll respond using your sent from email (or call you and leave a message if needed) by Oct 10 with your assigned session time.


Note: Attendees must be members of the Rochester IBM Alumni Club and there is a maximum of 2 attendees per alumni household.


We also plan to email a separate notice in late October for a November 18 pre-Medicare and “mixed” situation session to cover recent alumni covered by IBM Future Health Account funds. This is the fixed fund created after the 1999 pension changes giving later retirees an option to purchase IBM insurance via fund monies. We will notify all IBM Alumni Club members via this email, our website, and publish via other external sources, but if you know of recent retirees (perhaps not yet members of our IBM Alumni Club that get this email) please pass this general information on to them and if they are interested they can check our website or call the office later in October.


Health Care Committee

Dave Naatz, Roger Spee, Steve Majerus, Nancy Morrison, Lennie Broich, and Jon Springer